by Marion Nestle
Jul 4 2007

Shrek Sells Junk Food in Australia

I am at the Festival of Ideas in Adelaide this week and checked out the local supermarket. Shrek was everywhere. I counted at least ten special displays of Shrek-illustrated foods positioned at the ends of 5 aisles, along one entire wall (with a blow up Shrek doll), and in stand-alone areas. Shrek III has arrived in Australia but does Australia really need a store full of Shrek-green Froot Loops (devoid of fruit, of course), Shrek cheese-flavoured snacks, Shrek-illustrated chocolate flavoured biscuits, and Shrek candies? And a local McDonald’s also has a Shrek tie-in. This is about one thing and one thing only: marketing junk food to kids. Not a good idea.

  • Hi Marion,
    I’m one of the people blogging the Festival. I’ve posted an introductory post Eat well be well

    Looking forward to hearing your work.

  • Jade Williams

    Using top movie characters for kids is a great way to sell food. I know that most of the foods, candies, snacks, juices, arenot healthy for the children but its an advertisement catch, that happens to work very well. My little sister loves dora the explorer, and everything dora she has to have, gum, candy, juices, cheeze-its, basically anything that she see’s dora on. But she dosent get everything, parents just need to know when to stop. This is a successful way of selling items.