by Marion Nestle
Jan 15 2008

Food allergies

This week’s “Ask Marion” question on Eating Liberally is about food allergies, something I wouldn’t wish on anyone–too little known, and too much at stake.  Take a look.


  • Fentry
  • January 15, 2008
  • 7:48 pm

At a dinner party a few months ago, the table came up with a hypothesis that began with the question:

Why is it that no ever seems to be allergic to Doritos? (or Cheetos, or Twinkies or American “Cheese”)?

Instead, people are allergic to bread, milk, nuts–and other several thousand-year old staples.

The idea that our industrial diets have changed our allergens seems to have significant plausibility.

The people who own and work at organic, whole foods markets are often surprisingly knowledgeable. They have been living a natural, healthy lifestyle, and cared for it so much that they opened their own store so they could help others reap the benefits of such a lifestyle.

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