by Marion Nestle
Apr 2 2010

The latest on organic production

For all the complaints about organics, production and sales are booming.  USDA economists in the Economic Research Service (ERS) keep track of such things and have just produced tables that display the growth in organic production from 1992 to 2008.  Organic crop and pasture lands still comprise less than 1% of the total in the U.S., but this will surely increase.

USDA/ERS compiles all of its information on organics in a briefing room that links to recommended readings and handy maps and images.

I think it’s interesting that the ERS sites do not link to the National Organic Program (NOP) itself.  This is, no doubt, because the NOP  is housed in a different part of USDA, the Agricultural Marketing Service.  Whether any of that makes sense is something one hopes will be considered in the next Farm Bill.

And here’s a link to the European Union’s organic site.  The EU ran a competition to create a new organic logo, and this one is the winner.

  • mike

    The map of organic producers by zip code show West Virginia with what looks like zero. I wonder why this is the case, as it appears to be the only state completely blank.

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  • carolyn

    Actually, the ERS briefing room does have a link to the NOP’s website (

  • Jared

    County level statistics would be really helpful too.

  • David

    @Mike As much as there are good people in WV, it’s probably a matter of economics (poorer people don’t usually pay more for veggies if they don’t have too) and land usage (tobacco farmers).