Dec 22 2008

Restaurants are adding healthier kids’ meals

Several years ago, I gave a talk to executives of restaurants like Applebee’s and Darden’s about what they could do to make it easier for people to control their weight and eat more healthfully.  I allsuggested that they make healthy kids’ meals the default.  Let parents order junk food for their kids if they want to, but set up the situation so they have to ask for it specially.  The executives went ballistic and gave all kinds of reasons why this was impossible (parental responsibility! cost! trouble!).  Lo and behold: somebody must have listened and changes are coming, or so it seems.  Let’s hope they really do this!

  • Michelle @ What Does Your Body Good?

    It’s a great idea. Why not make those items on the kid’s menu real food instead of hot dogs and chicken fingers? So silly! This is good news.

  • Shannon LC Cate

    I never even look at kids’ menus at restaurants. I don’t understand why they assume kids have such awful taste. I feed my kids off of my plate or get them an adult meal to share with each other. Or add lots of side vegetables and other things and feed them that. I would much prefer if the kids’ menu was just smaller servings of the regular menu options. it’s hard enough to find anything healthy on most adult restaurant menus as it is.