by Marion Nestle

Upcoming appearances

The 6th Annual George McGovern lecture at FAO, Rome (photo: U.S. Department of State)

The 6th Annual George McGovern lecture at FAO, Rome (photo: U.S. Department of State)

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Mar 2 2020

New York: Queens College

I am speaking at the Con Edison Science, Technology, Energy, Environment, and Math (STEEM) Distinguished Lecturer series on “Food Politics 2020: Food Industry Influence on Nutrition Research and Practice.”  It’s from 12:15-1:30 pm at the Science Building, C-201.  Details are here.

Mar 11 2020

New York: New-York Presbyterian Hospital

I am speaking on food ethics and the 2020 dietary guidelines.  New York-Presbyterian Hospital, 1273 Fort Washington Ave, Myrna Daniels Auditorium.  My lecture, sponsored by the Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center, starts at 1:00.

Mar 12 2020

New York: NYU

I’m on a panel with Mireya Loza and Marcia Chatelain to discuss Marcia’s new book, Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America.  20 Cooper Square, 6:00 p.m.  Register here.  I blogged about her book here.

Mar 26 2020

Melbourne: Deakin University

I am speaking at a symposium on the science and politics of healthy and sustainable foods systems.  This is at the Deakin Downtown theater, beginning at 9:30 am.  My lecture is at 14:30 followed by a panel discussion.  Information about the conference is here.

Mar 27 2020

Melbourne: Deakin University

This is a masterclass workshop on “Advocacy for Public Health Nutrition” on the Burwood campus, 9:00-noon.  Details to come.

Mar 30 2020

Sydney: Sydney Food and Nutrition Network

My talk on food industry influence on nutrition research and practice is at noon at the ABS Case Study Lecture Theater 1070, Abercrombie Building, Darlington Ln & Abercrombie, Darlington NSW.

Apr 14 2020

Athens, GA: Russell Library for Political Research & Studies

I’m lecturing on childhood nutrition and food politics at 5:30 p.m. At the University of Georgia.  Details to come.

Jun 25 2020

New York: New York Academy of Sciences

I’m on a panel for the NYAS’s conference on Conflicts of Interest in Healthcare: Opportunities for Self-Reflection and Action, June 24-25.    Location: 7 World Trade Center. 250 Greenwich St, 40th Floor.  Information and registration are here.  My panel is on the 25th at 10:45 a.m. , Session VI: Hot topic discussion: getting to the truth in nutrition science.  Other panelists are Mona Calvo fro Penn State, Mehmood Khan from Life Biosciences, and Linda Van Horn from Northwestern.  Moderator is Julia Belluz from Vox.

Jun 25 2020

New York: New York Academy of Sciences

I’m on a panel on “Getting to the truth in nutrition science” at a conference on conflicts of interest in healthcare.  Register for it here.  My panel is at 10:45 a.m.

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