by Marion Nestle


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  • Jeanine Feaman

    yesterday I witnessed a young friend of mine hair in a shade of bright green on the tips for the first time. I inquired if it was newly processed she told me no, it was done six months ago ( usually wears hair up). I passed a comment about the rainbow colors of hair these days on mostly younger people. She confessed to me it was Kool -Aid that created the color change. I was in shock. I found your sight while researching ingredients of product. She said it’s an industry (sort of ) secret that I shouldn’t share. I laughed and said I’m telling everyone. That’s horrendous! What is in this product that is being casually consumed each day by humans? I need to be aware I need to share. I’m so grateful I found your blog/web sight. Thank you for engaging us into our own healthy choices.

  • Katie Lepine

    I guess calories do count, in a post-GEBN-scandal world.

  • Ellen

    Are you planning on updating “What to Eat” in the future? It is an excellent, science-based book that cuts through the ever-changing media headlines.

  • Fyfield

    I suspect the major difference between Maccas in Australia and US is the wages paid to workers. The Australian wages are low but a worker can survive. Many Australians have positive memories of Maccas because they worked there. The perception from many is that Maccas are OK. Hence less reliance on really poor for either custom or work (unlike US). Therefore a marginally better informed demands convenience and slightly more than absolute basics.

  • Andrew

    Store associates often push ‘natural’ products. While I conceptually feel these must be superior to scientific (specially formulated) or conventional (e.g. Purina) cat food, is there research to support the fact a ‘natural’ diet is healthier for felines? (I note natural would refer to no added nutrients, no GMO products, and typically higher meat, lower grain content)

  • Leya Nicolait

    Greetings Marion,
    I have a question about sharing your posts and cant seem to find your contact info. Please email me at leya (at) ourgreennation (dot) org so we may discuss. Thank you kindly! Leya

  • Jenn Lacy-Nichols

    For your conflict of interest collection (and locally sourced from Australia!): “Effect of flavored milk vs plain milk on total milk intake and nutrient provision in children”–funded by Nestle Australia Ltd (published January 2016). Considering the sponsor manufactures Milo…
    Also, the author, Flavia Fayet-Moore published a piece last year titled “Interpreting the Australian Dietary Guideline to “Limit” into Practical and Personalised Advice” with the conflict of interest note at the bottom: “The authors declare a perceived conflict of interest resulting from the
    financial support of the research from the Australian Sugar Alliance.
    The Australian Sugar Alliance had no influence in this research.” The earlier piece offered practice advice for dieticians etc on how to offer advice about including discretionary foods in your diet.

  • Doug Goodhue

    I think the Big Soda mantra — “we sell hydration” — should be modified to “we sell hydration — sort of.” Both Coke and Pepsi contain caffeine, which (along with alcohol) inhibits production of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) in the hypothalamus gland. ADH is utilized in the kidney to help re-absorb water. When ADH levels are reduced, the kidneys re-absorb less and thus produce excess urine. The result is partial dehydration. So maybe Big Soda really should assert “we sell dehydration.” Short form: the best hydratiion imagineable is water. Period. End of story.

  • Doug Goodhue

    Why on earth would anyone imagine such a hope? Our species has a DNA strain called “something for nothing.” Once we engineer that out of our cells maybe then talk about hope.

  • Pammy

    I would love to hear your comments on this article written by Peter Marckmann: “Misleading conclusions on health effects of cheese and meat-enriched diets in study sponsored by dairy industry”.

    I pumped into it in PubMed while searching information on high-protein diets.

  • Jacqueline Gilbert

    Hi – I wanted to know if there is any research/information about chemicals like Atrazine (but also hormone disrupters like parabens) and the dramatic increase in the number of transgender individuals?

  • Japheth Junior

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  • DaveSNaples

    I am with you 100%. Change will only come from us the consumer. the FDA needs to be overhauled & the top bureaucrats need to be demoted. Everyone, please sign the petition. Thank You.

  • Michael

    I thought that this study, publicized by The Pork Network (yes, really) finding that vegetarianism doesn’t reduce cancer risk might be another one perfect for inclusion in Marion’s regular reporting of industry funded studies finding what the industry wanted.
    But the article doesn’t give any information on how to find out about it. Does anyone know?

  • Alta Neri

    I just read the article Not So Happy, How Big Soda pushes sugar water and it was awesome. I use to drink pop years ago like it was water, but I started having health issues and developed a healthy eating lifestyle and feel a lot better. While pop is my biggest temptation, especially when I pass the beverage isle at the grocery store, I can resist buying. What I can’t understand it the hypocrisy of the cola companies and the ABA. Why continue to promote health while lying to the public?

  • dror levy

    Dear Professor Nestle,

    I hope you are enjoying your stay here in Israel.

    Our company has developed an innovative all natural taste enhancer that enables the natural reduction of salt by 20%-80% and I would be very happy to present you with it during your stay here.

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  • Tampa Bay Boater

    Visiting our local McDonalds I found out that value menu items default to medium and though you can up-size to large, you cannot downsize to small. In fact when ordering the individual small items 9 of 10 were more expensive than their medium value menu counterpart.

    Tried to talk to the manager at the store, then the corporate office and didn’t get anywhere and was wondering if others felt similarly… is it the goal to fatten us up?

  • USUnites

    If I am elected President in 2016 I will ban GMO and break up monsanto and ensure all the foods in America do not have GMO or fillers in them like other countries in Europe, Austalia, Russia, etc do learn more at @myhumancompass on twitter the root problem with America is our food supply and all the filler and fake ingredients. It is time to #USUnites and fix our food supply.

  • Nick

    ‘The Moo Man’ explores the touching bonds between man, animal and countryside and promotes a more sustainable and local way to source food. Amazon Link Here: ttp:// We’d love to know what you think!

  • Mark Talmont

    “Fat Chance” by Dr. Robert Lustig is probably the best analysis of this.

    He presents the case of the Hispanic mom in Salinas CA with a rotund 4-year-old who wonders why the government includes orange juice in the WIC program if it’s so bad. His analysis of food metabolism is excellent, my only problem with the book is he misses the boat on the evil of the bagged “snack chip” products the kids gorge on constantly. Go look at a school and see for yourself. It is hard to figure out how the supposed experts in this field manage to miss this while obsessing over soda pop.

  • JSAX

    The search bar on your site doesn’t give a prompt by which to type anything. And I thought the green words were hyperlinks, but do not seem to
    work, either.
    Thank you,
    J Sax

  • Ingrid

    Very interested in starting a discourse of what will happen to food systems under the TPP. Any suggestions on where to find accurate information?