by Marion Nestle
Aug 16 2007

Job Ad: Food Systems Director, Chicago

This seems like such a good job that it deserves wide publicity. Feel free to send it around to whoever might be interested and qualified.

The Fresh Taste Initiative was formed to advance the growth of diverse local agriculture and healthy eating in Chicago and across Illinois. Initiative partners, including a number of Illinois foundations and the City of Chicago, are committed to changing the manner in which food is produced, distributed, and consumed in Illinois. Funded by the partners and a W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant, the three-year Initiative will provide leadership that brings together stakeholders across all sectors of the state’s food system for conversations and action that will lead to this change.

The Initiative seeks a director to convene, connect, and enable the public, private, philanthropic, and not-for-profit actors who will be key in reaching its goal of growing 10% of the region’s food locally. Core responsibilities will include identifying opportunities to advance the Initiative’s objectives, recommending priorities for partner funding, developing a long-term strategy for achieving the 10% goal, increasing the level of investment in the Initiative’s work, and connecting potential actors, investors, and funders.

For additional information please visit The Himmelfarb Group (search consultant) website, or contact Meghan Strubel at 708-848-0086.