by Marion Nestle
Aug 15 2007

Playing with Obesity Maps

The Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley passes along information from RevolutionHealth about that site’s interactive maps that display the rise in rates of obesity in the United States from 1990 to 2006, for the entire United States, and by state. Watch the colors of the states get darker as the rates increase. Click on Texas and you can see the rates more than double from 12.3% to 26.1% of the population. But if you are from Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, or Nevada, you are out of luck; the maps have data for all states except those.

  • Karen

    Hi Marion – – I know you’ve talked about this to great extent but can you “weigh in” on USA Today’s article about obesity and the fact is that the nation’s getting fatter even though there’s so much information available out there that should make these numbers go down instead of up? What’s your take on all the diet books that are out there these days?