by Marion Nestle
Sep 20 2007

Alice Waters at Union Square

In case you missed it, here’s Kim Severson’s terrific take on Alice Waters at Union Square. Great photos!

  • Gravel

    Have you heard about Sustainable Table? You can search for small local farms via zip code at their free online directory, The vendors listed there (including farms, markets, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, and more!) sell sustainably-raised meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Check it out–it’s a pretty awesome resource. I am also interning at the Eat Well Guide. Cheers!!

  • Kim Severson

    Marion, when are you going to come over and cook lunch? I still have some leftover hyssop…

  • Andrea

    Alice Waters has yet to explain how one buys “really good, fresh” produce when your only option is a supermarket, where all the produce looks to be the same quality. Please tell me how to pick the best bag of celery, or the best eggplant, or the best red pepper out of the pile. None of it looks any fresher than the rest.

    And as for buying local produce, how do you do buy a local green pepper in the middle of February in frozen Connecticut?