by Marion Nestle
Jan 3 2008

Happy new year! 100 great recipes!

Jack of Food and Bottle sends along this notice of the TV Food Network’s top 100 recipes of 2007. As he puts it, “Two Mac ‘n Cheese recipes to start you off…27 chicken recipes,7 casseroles, 2 soups, No stews, No ethnic food. (a couple of make-believes, though). Okay, so it is the worst Top 100 List I’ve seen. But hey, their millions of viewers must lop it up. Have a great 2008!”

Yum. Oh well. As someone on the TV Food Network once pointed out to me, food cooked on TV has no calories.

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  • Fentry

    I have watched countless hours of Food Network since their inception; they seem stuck in a rut going down hill.

    For all of the buzz, they don’t have even one show on eating organically, or sustainably, or locally, or seasonally (hamburger-filled shows around July 4th don’t count)–or even one show on vegetarian food. Perhaps they feel that to do so would subtly negatively implicate their other shows. But many people very interested in food are interested in precisely these topics.

    I would note that Food Network Canada seems a little better. They have shows–not broadcast in the US–that bring one through cooking school [Cook Like A Chef, Chef At Home]. Here in the US, there are no shows devoted strictly to technique, but for “learning” we get endless deconstructions of the Twinkie or the Hershey’s kiss or some other appalling junk food–instead of an intimate look at process, ingredients or nutrition.