by Marion Nestle
Jan 9 2008

Krispy Kreme goes healthy?

They’ve just agreed to remove the trans fats. So now their donuts will be “Trans fat-free.” Progress? I wonder what the new frying oil will be….

  • I have, since 2006, calculated “extrapolated trans fat” values…since rumor has it that any amount under a gram a serving is rounded DOWN to ZERO Trans fat…I just count the number of servings…currently I’m the posessor of a case of Welllington Water Crackers (because they were moistened by rain–the outside of teh box, Safeway threw the unopend box out..I’ve been dumpster sustenance enjoyer (I call it Salivation Army) for 3 years, it’s me in the dreadlocks in the movie How To Cook Your Life)
    anyhow, there are about 8 servings in each box so I figure 8 grams (rounded up of course) per box, and munch away. Or give to friends cuz I’m a butter person…hard, because I seldom find that in dumpsters, but I swap cooked provender and home cured olives for butter, icecream..
    I am working on getting invited to SF Slow Food Conv. in Aug so I can meetcha…
    Ever, the slavish fan

  • Now if they’d just get rid of the sugar and processed grain. Oh, but then they wouldn’t have a product to sell.