by Marion Nestle
Jan 22 2008

Pepsi’s energy drink for the masses

Thanks to Ellen Fried for sending the latest info on energy drinks. I will never cease to be amazed by the money and effort that goes into designing “energy drinks,” in quotes because energy comes from calories and that usually means sugars of one kind or another accompanied by lots of caffeine.

So here’s Amp, in line to become PepsiCo’s “energy drink of the masses” or at least¬† “goal-oriented males 18-34.” Would you like to see what $10 million in advertising buys? Take a look. One of the draws will be a line extension of the drink that contains L-theanine. This compound, new to me, is an amino acid of some kind, but one that has nothing to do with body proteins.¬† It is something found in tea leaves. Will it give those guys energy? Only if they think so.

Ellen also points out that kids with $199 can buy Mountain Dew and Amp jackets. Cool.