by Marion Nestle
May 11 2008

Those worrying plastic water bottles: Consumer Reports weighs in has an especially understandable description of the plastic bottle situation. If the recycling number is 7, the plastic could be polycarbonate and leaching bisphenol A endocrine disrupters. It says recycling numbers 1, 2, or 5 are better bets. The Environmental Working Group says bisphenol A is the “signature compound in the fight for reform of the nation’s toxic chemicals laws. It contaminates nearly all Americans, it causes toxic effects at very low doses…yet the EPA has only the most clumsy and convoluted authority to control its use and reduce exposure to populations at risk.”

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  • LukeB

    How about this solution? Quit drinking water out of plastic bottles! Buy a Sigg bottle or a glass container and reuse it with your tap water.

  • The Sigg aluminum bottles or Klean Kanteen(.com) stainless steel bottles for example are great for refilling. Make sure you keep it clean between uses!

    I like to filter the tap water to get the Chlorine and any other random stuff out of the water. Disposable/recycylable plastic bottles are such a poor use of our resources.

  • LauraD

    I recently switched to an “Enviro Products” stainless steel water bottle and I really find it does the job well and the water tasted good.

    With all that has come out about BPA, I cringe as I recall taking a swig out of my old nalgene plastic bottle after it sat in my backpack all day, and thinking the water had a “plastic-y” taste.

  • Diana

    I’m using glass exclusively now. Baby food in glass jars only! I can’t believe Gerber now packs almost all of its baby foods in #7 “microwavable” plastic containers. I wrote to the company and told them “sorry, no dough for you until you switch back to glass”.