by Marion Nestle
Jun 23 2010

CSPI to McDonald’s: take toys out of Happy Meals, or else!

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has written a letter to McDonald’s threatening to sue if the company refuses to remove the toys from its Happy Meals.

This comes at a time of rapidly accumulating evidence for the effectiveness of toys, cartoons, and the like in encouraging even very young children to pester their parents for products, to prefer such products and to believe that branded products taste better.

Here is the press release announcing this action.  And here is CSPI director Michael Jacobson’s statement about it.

McDonald’s has 30 days to respond.  Can’t wait to see what it says.

  • Courtney

    I haven’t had to do this in years, but I assume it is still possible: you can buy the toy without getting a happy meal. It used to be a dollar or two, which is usually 10x more than the thing is worth, but it’s an alternative.

  • as usuall nothing happen…

  • The “CSPI vs McDonald’s” “feud” is nothing but a fake WWE-style PR stunt designed to give McDonald’s free publicity. One of the steering committee members of CSPI’s National Alliance for Nutrition and Actiity (NANA) coalition is the American Dietetic Association……A MCDONALD’S FRONT GROUP. The so-called “food police” are just as much food industry shills as the shills at the Center for Consumer Freedom. Even the London Daily Mail is exposing how the so-called “food police” are in fact funded by the food industry.

  • Marion

    @Darth Chaos (love the name): Could you send me links or references to the London Daily Mail articles, please. Thanks.