by Marion Nestle
Jun 29 2012

Supreme Court ACA ruling: implications for food politics

The Supreme Court ruling that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is indeed constitutional means that Americans will now have greater access to health care as well as to services to help prevent disease.

The American Public Health Association summarizes the benefits: 

  • 31 million Americans are projected to gain health coverage by 2019
  • 54 million U.S. families have additional benefits, including greater access to preventive health care services
  • 2.5 million young adults up to age 26 are able to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans;
  • nearly 18 million children with pre-existing conditions are protected from insurance coverage denials;
  • seniors can access preventive services

Let’s add menu labeling to the list.  The ACA takes menu labeling national.  The FDA proposed the rules for this process more than a year ago, with no further action.

The Supreme Court says go for it. 

FDA: No more excuses.  Get busy!

  • Anthro

    I’ve been telling all the places I eat (admittedly not that many as I eat mostly at home) that this is coming, but I get only blank stares. Ahem, the founding fathers were assuming an INFORMED electorate–oops!

  • FarmerJane

    I hope this means the farmers will be able to have health insurance, so many I know have none. I know of two farmers this past month who required extensive hospital care, one with an aneuryism, the other with a stroke. Neither has health insurance, they will likely lose their farms….all that they have worked for all of their lives.

  • When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was first passed, I was attending a conference for health services and epidemiology researchers. There was a collective celebration that the US had finally made significant, concrete steps toward comprehensive health care reform. We can now celebrate the upholding of the law against misguided legal challenges, and look forward to continued progress toward health care that is universal in coverage, high in quality, and efficient in cost. The law is not ideal and there are many challenges ahead, but the path forward is now much clearer.

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