Jan 21 2008

Scotland asks for input on food policy!

The Cabinet of Rural Affairs and the Environment of Scotland has just released a gorgeous pamphlet that requests public comment on how the government should develop a national food policy for the country, one that makes Scotland “wealthier & fairer, smarter, healthier, safer & stronger, and greener.” I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’m envious. Couldn’t we do something as smart as this?

  • http://www.ForkandBottle.com Jack at Fork & Bottle

    Sounds great. But in the US, any plan enacted with have to include a guarantee that those like Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Wal-mart, McDonalds and Applebees get a 15% yearly growth rate. Because ultimately, our country is run by these corporations with the help of their congressmen.

    Sounds great! But instead of using “extra” money for increasing sustainable ag and funding alt. energy sources, we instead send it to the Iraqi-war profiteers.

    In all of the debates, I don’t think a single question about Global Warming has been asked. Definitely not one about the Farm Bill.

    Have you some idea how a sustainable ag/healthy food movement could ever gain enough notice/power to make real changes? Will there ever be enough congressmen not in the pockets of big food/ag to change things? (It’s something I can’t even imagine, which is soooo sad.)

    So, sure we could put out a gorgeous pamphlet that requests public comment, but at least 98% of the comments will be ignored, with the remaining 2% getting compromised out of existence at the last moment by greedy US policitians.

  • http://localtarian.blogspot.com Melanie Lytle