by Marion Nestle
Jul 15 2008

CSPI guy video: why?

Thanks (I think) to Hugh Joseph for forwarding the YouTube video, “The guy from CSPI.”  When I see things like this, I assume they are bought and paid for by the Center for Consumer Freedom, but it doesn’t say who made it or who paid for it.  I’m curious: how much does it cost to produce something like this, and who paid for it?  Anybody know?

  • darya

    i don’t know who made/paid for it, but it’s pretty disappointing.

  • Sara

    It looks like it’s from a documentary called “Fat Head” which seems to be a response to Supersize Me.

  • Animation is stylish but pretty simple–would guess about $10,000 or under from a commercial Web animator.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the depiction of Mike Jacobson in that cartoon was downright anti-semitic. It reminded me of the anti-semitic propaganda from the Nazis which depicted Jews as having huge hook noses and fang-like teeth.

    But what else would you expect from a right wing “libertarian” teabagger like Tom Naughton?