by Marion Nestle
Feb 27 2009

Santa Barbara: Endowed lecture

University of California, Santa Barbara, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 4 pm


  • Kathy
  • March 4, 2013
  • 4:51 pm

Dear Marion,

I have read that some consider soy an anti-nutrient. Are fermented soy products healthier than unfermented soy? Would you coment on this, or, if you already have, will you link me to your comments?

Why is this fine teacher not on PBS . Let us not keep her a secret from the average consumer. We teach home cooking and we are pretty much shocked by the lack of information our not uneducated ( ages 12 to 70) have at their fingertips with regards to foods. Adolescents who asure me that “Everyone knows that you can not make pizza at home !_” to people who are living on big box mega flats of chicken.of questionable origins and packaged foods filled with salt and corn syrup. Ms. Nestle has a easy manner and backs it up with good science we need her helping to educate our population, grass roots style not just preaching to the choir.

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