by Marion Nestle
May 2 2009

Weekend entertainment: play Global Grocer!

That busy organization, Food and Water Watch, has produced a virtual shopping cart that lets you see where food comes from.  Click on frozen cauliflower and learn that 75% of it is imported, mainly from Mexico. The details come from the group’s report, The Poisoned Fruit of American Trade Policy.

While you are on the site, you can play another game: find the factory farms in your state.  And take a look at its other materials.  The site is complicated but one easy way to navigate it is to click on the numbers under the main banner on the home page.  This leads you to pages that list reports and other useful materials. This group is well worth knowing about if you are looking for facts about these issues.

  • We are in our nutrition segment at school (I’m a culinary school student) now (we cover nutrition in a matter of days – we are as bad as physicians, alas), but I’ll bring this in to share. This is a brilliant (erm, scary) resource.

    Thanks for it, your books and your blog.


  • Great resource, I’m going to have to explore it fully!

  • Thanks for this post! Great to see that so many people are concerned about where their food comes from. We also have a button now that you can embed on your blog to link to the Global Grocer. (It’s right below the tool itself on the same page, )