by Marion Nestle
Oct 30 2009

Industry abandons Smart Choices!

The Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, announced yesterday that all eight food companies involved in the Smart Choices program have agreed to drop out pending his investigation and the FDA’s decision about front-of-package labeling.  Says Blumenthal:

Food manufacturers now realize that continued use of the logo would only mislead and compound consumer confusion. Other food labels richly deserve the same scrutiny — which we will give them with relish.

My investigation into Smart Choices, now supported by the FDA, continues to seek any scientific research or evidence behind a program that promotes mayonnaise, sugar-loaded cereal and ice cream as Smart Choices.

Many in the food and beverage industry have sugarcoated their labels — diverting and distracting consumers from nutrition truth, and pushing them toward obesity and disease. Self responsibility and good parenting are key to healthy lifestyles, but impossible when food manufacturers misguide them.

Our initiative should send a message to other food manufacturers that labeling must be completely truthful and accurate without hype or spin, especially when appealing to children. I am strongly encouraged by interest in our investigation by other attorneys general who can form a powerful coalition against misleading or deceptive food labeling.

Keep an eye out for what other city and state attorneys will be doing about food labels.   FDA: get busy!


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  • Cindy
  • October 30, 2009
  • 4:41 pm

Keeps dogging their heels, Marion!

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  • Anthro
  • October 31, 2009
  • 12:05 pm

Great news. One for the people! Perhaps something is afoot at last to counteract “personal responsibility” as the excuse for the mass marketing of total crap to children.

  • Glenda Smith
  • October 31, 2009
  • 12:09 pm

Just read Marion Nestles name in an article in the 10/30/09 Economists about nutrition and the food giant Nestle’s. I am 82 and in the last three years have suffered from flaky itchy skin, which I find is caused by sugar, citric acid and corn products. In the last three weeks I have been eating an apple when I begin itching and I have found that I am much more comfortable.
If this is my imagination: Viva la Magination”

I was so pleased to hear this. Its amazing how easy it is for the food companies to spin words and disorient the public.

Did you catch the CNBC special on coca-cola last night? If not, def check it out. The best part is when they say “nothing is bad for you” in their Coke product….

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