by Marion Nestle


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  • Julie Kumar

    Marion, have you seen the NY Times article It is about how what we eat is contributing to the CA drought. Leaves me confused. If we don’t eat these foods, the farmers will go out of business and that state will suffer. Also, it is mostly fruits, nuts and veggies mentioned. Any thoughts???

  • barryboomer

    I’ve written and recorded a Song & Video for our kids called “DONUTS DON’T GROW ON TREES”. A lot of our kids and older people don’t know the difference between an Apple and a Donut. Play this video for your kids.
    Barry David Butler

  • Marion

    Thanks for sending!

  • Marion

    Thanks for asking. The issues are complicated, of course, and worth writing about. I will ponder.

  • Kendra Byrd

    Hi Marion! Love you blog! Thought I would share a paper where one of the authors on the paper did not benefit from the results.

    Supplementation of Maternal Diets during Pregnancy and for 6 Months Postpartum and Infant Diets Thereafter with Small-Quantity Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements Does Not Promote Child Growth by 18 Months of Age in Rural Malawi: A Randomized Controlled Trial1–4

    Per Ashorn,5,6* Lotta Alho,5 Ulla Ashorn,5 Yin Bun Cheung,5,7 Kathryn G Dewey,8 Austrida Gondwe,10
    Ulla Harjunmaa,5 Anna Lartey,11 Nozgechi Phiri,10 Thokozani E Phiri,11 Stephen A Vosti,9 Mamane Zeilani,12 and Kenneth Maleta10

    MZeilani works as a director of research for Nutriset S.A.S.,
    a company that produces and sells lipid-based nutrient supplements (NLSs) and which also prepared the LNSs purchased for the present trial.

  • Livia Ly

    Good morning dear Marion!

    I am excited to be writing to you for the very first time! I hope this message finds you well. I couldn’t find your contact section on your website.

    I want to congratulate you on your work. What a great initiative! I am your big fan and follower.

    I am a Brazilian dietitian trained both in Brazil and in the United States and own a nutrition consultancy business, that I recently started, called Nutrily, LLC.
    I added a video of you talking about our Brazilian Dietary Guidelines with our government under my about section!

    I would absolutely love to be featured on your website, as one of your articles. I have an idea for a topic. The topic could be the New Ways to Treat, as we are entering a new health care era. The era of treatment integration. Many of us, health care professionals, will or already treat our patients and clients as people!

    * I created Nutrily, LLC after I noted that, with the epidemic of lifestyle-related chronic illnesses, the health care system here in the United States lacked patient-centered and preventive approaches, specific nutrition recommendations, and whole-food treatment strategies. Nutrily, LLC has the goal to fulfill this gap. I believe that listening to client stories and looking at the interactions among genetic, food sensitivity, environmental, cultural, and lifestyle factors can influence long-term health.

    * Nutrily, LLC follows a holistic approach. With Nutrily, LLC my clients will learn about a diet specialized just for them and how to incorporate the right supplements to meet their needs and goals. My services will focus on functional foods, aesthetics, wellness, muscle & fitness, and preventive, integrative, and personalized nutrition.

    What do you think, Marion?

    Muito obrigada for your support! Please let me know if you have any questions.

    –Livia Ly, MS, RD, LDN
    Dietitian / Nutritionist
    Nutrily, LLC Owner

    Brasil / USA