by Marion Nestle


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  • Jeanine Feaman

    yesterday I witnessed a young friend of mine hair in a shade of bright green on the tips for the first time. I inquired if it was newly processed she told me no, it was done six months ago ( usually wears hair up). I passed a comment about the rainbow colors of hair these days on mostly younger people. She confessed to me it was Kool -Aid that created the color change. I was in shock. I found your sight while researching ingredients of product. She said it’s an industry (sort of ) secret that I shouldn’t share. I laughed and said I’m telling everyone. That’s horrendous! What is in this product that is being casually consumed each day by humans? I need to be aware I need to share. I’m so grateful I found your blog/web sight. Thank you for engaging us into our own healthy choices.

  • Katie Lepine

    I guess calories do count, in a post-GEBN-scandal world.

  • Ellen

    Are you planning on updating “What to Eat” in the future? It is an excellent, science-based book that cuts through the ever-changing media headlines.

  • Fyfield

    I suspect the major difference between Maccas in Australia and US is the wages paid to workers. The Australian wages are low but a worker can survive. Many Australians have positive memories of Maccas because they worked there. The perception from many is that Maccas are OK. Hence less reliance on really poor for either custom or work (unlike US). Therefore a marginally better informed demands convenience and slightly more than absolute basics.

  • Andrew

    Store associates often push ‘natural’ products. While I conceptually feel these must be superior to scientific (specially formulated) or conventional (e.g. Purina) cat food, is there research to support the fact a ‘natural’ diet is healthier for felines? (I note natural would refer to no added nutrients, no GMO products, and typically higher meat, lower grain content)