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  • Julie Kumar

    Marion, have you seen the NY Times article It is about how what we eat is contributing to the CA drought. Leaves me confused. If we don’t eat these foods, the farmers will go out of business and that state will suffer. Also, it is mostly fruits, nuts and veggies mentioned. Any thoughts???

  • barryboomer

    I’ve written and recorded a Song & Video for our kids called “DONUTS DON’T GROW ON TREES”. A lot of our kids and older people don’t know the difference between an Apple and a Donut. Play this video for your kids.
    Barry David Butler

  • Marion

    Thanks for sending!

  • Marion

    Thanks for asking. The issues are complicated, of course, and worth writing about. I will ponder.

  • Kendra Byrd

    Hi Marion! Love you blog! Thought I would share a paper where one of the authors on the paper did not benefit from the results.

    Supplementation of Maternal Diets during Pregnancy and for 6 Months Postpartum and Infant Diets Thereafter with Small-Quantity Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements Does Not Promote Child Growth by 18 Months of Age in Rural Malawi: A Randomized Controlled Trial1–4

    Per Ashorn,5,6* Lotta Alho,5 Ulla Ashorn,5 Yin Bun Cheung,5,7 Kathryn G Dewey,8 Austrida Gondwe,10
    Ulla Harjunmaa,5 Anna Lartey,11 Nozgechi Phiri,10 Thokozani E Phiri,11 Stephen A Vosti,9 Mamane Zeilani,12 and Kenneth Maleta10

    MZeilani works as a director of research for Nutriset S.A.S.,
    a company that produces and sells lipid-based nutrient supplements (NLSs) and which also prepared the LNSs purchased for the present trial.

  • Livia Ly

    Good morning dear Marion!

    I am excited to be writing to you for the very first time! I hope this message finds you well. I couldn’t find your contact section on your website.

    I want to congratulate you on your work. What a great initiative! I am your big fan and follower.

    I am a Brazilian dietitian trained both in Brazil and in the United States and own a nutrition consultancy business, that I recently started, called Nutrily, LLC.
    I added a video of you talking about our Brazilian Dietary Guidelines with our government under my about section!

    I would absolutely love to be featured on your website, as one of your articles. I have an idea for a topic. The topic could be the New Ways to Treat, as we are entering a new health care era. The era of treatment integration. Many of us, health care professionals, will or already treat our patients and clients as people!

    * I created Nutrily, LLC after I noted that, with the epidemic of lifestyle-related chronic illnesses, the health care system here in the United States lacked patient-centered and preventive approaches, specific nutrition recommendations, and whole-food treatment strategies. Nutrily, LLC has the goal to fulfill this gap. I believe that listening to client stories and looking at the interactions among genetic, food sensitivity, environmental, cultural, and lifestyle factors can influence long-term health.

    * Nutrily, LLC follows a holistic approach. With Nutrily, LLC my clients will learn about a diet specialized just for them and how to incorporate the right supplements to meet their needs and goals. My services will focus on functional foods, aesthetics, wellness, muscle & fitness, and preventive, integrative, and personalized nutrition.

    What do you think, Marion?

    Muito obrigada for your support! Please let me know if you have any questions.

    –Livia Ly, MS, RD, LDN
    Dietitian / Nutritionist
    Nutrily, LLC Owner

    Brasil / USA

  • Colleen Rourke

    Not exactly what you asked for, but interesting :

  • Tricia Spencer

    Hi Marion,

    If I may share with you and your readers…

    I’ve recently filed a formal Citizen Petition with the FDA. Its purpose is to convince the FDA to be 100% truthful on nutrition labels. Sadly, and as you are keenly aware, existing labels don’t even come close.

    For a Citizen Petition to have any chance of serious review by the FDA, it needs public comments. So I am trying to spread the word as best I can.

    Information about the petition and how to make a public comment on the FDA site is included in my latest Huffington Post article here:

    I believe we can make change if we try, so I hope everyone will try with me.

    Thank you so much for all you do for the health and happiness of us all!

    Tricia Spencer

  • Linda Fong
  • Moxa

    Just watched Disney’s “Inside Out”. Good food like broccoli is the enemy and candy is joy. Our young heroine sits down to a hot dog at lunch and is very dismayed when the neighborhood restaurant uses broccoli as its star ingredient. Many mixed emotions for sure!


    Hi Marion!

    Wondering if you’ve had a chance to try out the new healthy eating web app Train Thin? It helps you train yourself to stop caving to junk food cravings.

    The app was inspired by recent studies done by Dr. Natalia Lawrence and other psychologists & neuroscientists that show that this type of computerized training is effective in lowering calorie intake an average of 210 calories a week in 97% of people who completed 4 ten-minute sessions of training.

    If it seems like something you’d like to try, or might be interested in sharing with your readers, I can send you a few free accounts you can use for a test-drive and to giveaway on your site.

    Let me know!

  • C_Ximena

    I love all your books and follow your blog…I have a question, what do you think about the HCG diet?

  • Frank Walton

    Hi Dr. Nestle. Juice Plus+ is a plant-based nutrition co. that has over 31 clinical studies published in peer reviewed journals. See Out of these, the large majority are mostly and clearly positive and the most recent ones were double-blind, placebo controlled. Yet one done at Yale Univ. by Dr. Katz was neutral (no benefit) because the hypothesis may have been invalid on how fruits and vegetables effect metabolic syndrome. Another study at the Univ. of Miss. on pregnant women was only slightly positive but this probably was due to the low compliance rate of the subjects actually taking the capsules as directed.

  • June Molloy Vladička

    Hi Marion,

    I have a question about fermeted sodas and whether or not they are any better for you, from an obesity perspective, than big brand sodas.

    Fermented sodas are enjoying somewhat of a renaissance at the moment. (See recent article from The Irish Times, which also references non-soda fermented drinks such as kefir: I live in Lithuania where bread kvass is a popular soda, particularly for children. While not as high in sugar as the black stuff in the red can, kvass does seem to be very high in sugar – 5 tsp for a 330 ml (12 oz) serving. Are the benefits in terms of good bacteria and a healthy gut worth all that sugar? Are fermented sodas a good alternative for someone fighting obesity?

    Thanks in advance,
    June (from My Food Odyssey)

  • Tonya Lakes

    They should allow chocolate milk and potatoes and some meat. There depriving kids good food i mean seriously just peanut butter on bread where is the jelly just peanut butter is fattning they need meat to balance and other stuff dumb asses in wic kids need to eat nutrisious just peanut butter is not what they need. They need more yogurt is good, cheese, different milks are fine. My sister use to get chocolate milk so that is bull they removed it and what kid is gonna eat dry dog food of cereal with no flavor dumb asses

  • salbers

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Soda Politics preview. But I have a problem with the name which, I feel, incorrectly impunes CO2. Afterall, Club Soda is harmless and is nothing more than carbonated water. I’m not really thrilled with any alternative. But “soft drink” would be my suggestion because it is a flavored, usually carbonated, beverage.

  • Janice Rickert Mueller

    I’m posting a link to a lecture by Kevin Folta given last spring at Iowa State. He is one of the scientists mentioned in the recent NYT article regarding scientists and their connections to big ag. I’ve followed Kevin Folta for a while and believe his primary mission is to educate the public about genetic engineering.

  • Emily Kikue Frank
  • Brian Garrido

    Dear Ms. Nestle: I would love to do a short interview with you for my site. I have a section called i8tonite with “Food Person”. I recently interviewed Victoria Granof, the leading food stylist and I would like to have the opportunity do the same with you. Please see the link here: You can contact me through the site. I would be so honored to have you. We met once at a conference on food where I was hawking $25 per piece chocolates. That was about 5 years ago.

  • Yamanote

    Heard Soda Politics on Diane Rehm. Well done again. I purchased the kindle edition. Shocking to hear reviews could be limited to avoid angering the advertisers.

  • Santokh Maan

    “Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and incident hypertension: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohorts….. Am J Clin Nutr 2015; 102:914-921

    Conclusions: SSBs were associated with a modest
    risk of developing hypertension in 6 cohorts…. ”

    My experience confirmed for me that my hypertension was increased by high fruit intake. 10-15 mandarin sized oranges, juiced, last Xmas and 20-30 irresistible nisperos in June, was a daily routine while on holidays in Spain. BP was up from my normal 135/80 (well, I am 71) to 160/110 when I checked it on my return in July last year.

    Cut back drastically on fruit intake and BP is normal now.

    Have to add that I take only vegetables/salads, kefir, nuts, lentils and occasional meat with no rice, bread or pasta. Perhaps I can assume I am more sensitive to sugar intake than others.

  • Niel

    I recently learned about a documentary called Cowspiracy. I think you will find the industry impacts discussed in the film interesting.

  • Barry David Butler

    Play my Song and Video DONUTS DON’T GROW ON TREES for you kids.
    If it grows in the ground, a bush or tree EAT IT….IF it has a face Pet It.

  • AlanThinks

    Mary, THANKS for including the effects of excessive meat consumption on climate change in your talk with Tom Ashbrook’s On Point!!!

  • Matt Siebert

    Just finished reading Soda Politics. Well done – thanks for all your diligence & commitment. Best wishes.

  • A Busy Mom’s Kitchen

    Hi, Marion —
    Just wondering whether you think that Dr. Brian Wansink’s participation on a McDonalds’ nutrition panel ( and his consulting group’s work for McDonalds ( raises a relevant conflict of interest in connection with his co-authorship of a paper on how junk food is not contributing to the obesity crisis. ( On the one hand, McDonalds appears not to have paid for the study, but on the other hand Dr. Wansink clearly has ties (financial and otherwise) to McDonalds. I would also be interested in your analysis of the study — what are its strengths and weaknesses? Even if the study is valid, it seems to have been deliberately written in such a way as to garner headlines that appear to absolve junk food of any role in the obesity crisis. Cornell’s promotion of it hasn’t hurt in this regard either ( Overall, very, very disappointing.

  • Amy R

    Hi Marion,
    Just saw this article on breakfast and positive educational outcomes and wanted to share in case you haven’t seen it yet. I looked at the funding and it all looks to be publicly sourced with no obvious cereal or dairy producers to introduce the question of bias. Hoping it is eligible to be added to your short list!

    Love your blog! I tell my Nutrition 101 students that you are my “Nutrition Hero”! Thanks so much for all of your great work!!