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  • Alice Campbell

    Dr. Nestle,

    Coca-Cola’s new product marketing, “Share a Coke with “insert name here”” has got me thinking. I will admit, initially my thought on the topic was limited to disappointment at the limited chances of finding a can with my name on it. However, I have been pondering, is this marketing strategy an attempt by Coca-Cola to avoid responsibility for the health consequences associated with selling an sugar filled, unhealthy product? Will they attempt to claim that that the suggested serving sizes is half of the container because they are suggesting you share? I have not observed an increase in people sharing their can of Coke. Your thoughts on the issue would be appreciated.

  • Dave

    Hey Marion,

    I’m a big fan of your blog and I know you’re busy so I promise this will only take 1 minute.

    I am a personal trainer and blogger ( and I’m recruiting the advice of top personal trainers, dieticians, doctors, health and fitness bloggers, etc. to provide their advice for an upcoming article. The question:

    “I’ve come so far but I can’t seem to lose these last 10lbs. What should I do?”

    Would you be able to provide a 1-sentence answer?
    (I’ll link it back to your site)

    Thanks so much – I really appreciate it!

  • Jo Lee

    In re: to yesterday’s insightful blog post:


    At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we recognize that our vision for building a lasting Culture of Health across America cannot be realized without cooperation from the business community. Join us on September 24 from 2-3 PM Eastern Time for an important conversation about how the food and beverage industry can help solve our nation’s obesity epidemic.

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    Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, president and CEO of RWJF, and Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and chair of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), will discuss healthy changes in the food industry and how health and business leaders can work together in the future. Judy Woodruff of the PBS NewsHour will moderate the event.

    Learn more about HWCF’s efforts to cut 6.4 trillion calories from the U.S. marketplace and RWJF’s role in evaluating their commitment.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take a closer look at what can be accomplished when we work across sectors to build a national Culture of Health, where healthier choices become the easier, more accessible choices for all children and families.

    Join us live via webcast on September 24!


    Susan Promislo

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  • Yamanote

    Heard you on Diane Rehm. Well done.

  • Yamanote

    Marion, waiting for your blog post regarding the NYT Magazine article on the school lunch program. Seems like red meat for you (pun intended). My impression from the comprehensive feature is that the USDA is trying to do the right thing dispite what appears to be a great deal of selfishness, misinformation, greed, and corruption. Too bad for our children. Shameful.

  • vfran

    Interesting website/blog. Have you looked at the work of Dr. John McDougall? He has a Newsletter with a lot of the latest scientifc research on food science and the impact of the usual American diet. I also don’t see anything from PCRM.

  • Megan Alyssa Stallings

    Curious about thoughts on Juice+ and health claims

  • Douglas McKee

    Not true about the calories in calories out. Our microbiota treats calories very differently. A gram of sugar has radically different effects on the gut, nervous system, immune system, and mood than a calorie equivalent amount of complex carbs, veggies, or protein.
    An “energy dense” (don’t you love that) meal creates inflammation which is the root cause of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

  • Louie b. Free

    Marion Nestle,
    I’ve GOT to get you on BrainFood from the Heartland – The Louie b.Free Radio Show !

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