by Marion Nestle
Jun 30 2007

Basic Advice: Eat Less, Move More

This question just in: “Dear Dr. Nestle, could you suggest a diet, book, or website that would offer correct advice on how to lose weight? I am so confused about all the different types of diets and would appreciate your valued input. I am a 52 year old male with familial hypercholesteremia who needs to lose about 30 lbs….”

I try to steer clear of medical nutrition advice (see your doctor for that) but the general approach to diets is easy because the same way of eating works for just about any health problem: Eat less (if you have a weight issue); move more; eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; don’t eat too much junk food; and enjoy what you eat! Although I wrote What to Eat as a guide to thinking about food issues, more and more readers tell me they are losing weight after reading the book—the range is 5 to 80 pounds so far. That’s terrific, if true. Let me know!