by Marion Nestle
Jun 18 2007


I’m not sure how long the move will take but I’ll be back as soon as everything is up and running.  Farewell to this site.  It’s been fun.  And let’s hope the new site will be even more so!  Thanks for your patience.

  • Puppy food!

  • Bianca

    a molecule (Neu5Gc) that is in red meat and milk linked to cancer progression. shocker! (insert sarcasm)

  • Rob Adams

    Has there ever been any work done to determine if there is a link between Genetically Modified foods and obesity?

  • Hmmm. I can’t think of one, other than that GM corn and soy are cheaper to produce and to put into junk foods. But maybe other people have other ideas?

  • Lindsay Ahalt

    Hello. I’m a senior at Kansas State University studying Anthropology, Biology, and Microbiology. Right now I am working on a research project concerning food and politics for a class called Language and Ecology. Primarily I am looking at the raw food movement and its link to a counter-culture identity. I am also concerned with how people talk about food, for example, I hear a lot of people in the raw food community calling cooked food a “drug.” I was hoping that you might be able to point me in some possible directions. Can you think of any examples involving food, politics, and counter-culture statements? Thanks for your help. I appreciate the work you do.

  • Soo Lee

    My name is Soo, and I am currently in the process of entering graduate school in Nutrition! I was roaming around the bookstore yesterday trying to find a good book to read, and in the last minute, I discovered your book! I’m in the process of reading it right now, and I am absolutely in love with it! I’m only on the 5th chapter, but I am enjoying every word of it! Thanks for putting so much effort into this book–it really shows! And I’m so glad you have this website too! It’s so much fun to read it when I’m not reading your book! =)

  • Albie Davis

    Dear Marion,

    I look forward to reading the headline: Nestle named Secretary of Food!

    This thought was stirred by NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF’s article today, December 11, 2008, in the NY Times to the effect that, “When Barack Obama chooses his agriculture secretary, we need a bold reformer in a position renamed “secretary of food.” ”

    You’re the one!

    Albie Davis, a long-time admirer from your California days, now from Thomaston, Maine

  • Jill

    For some entertaining, yet sad, reading, go to:

    They have a ‘wall of shame’ exposing foods marketed and/or labelled as containing Honey, when in fact, there is none or very little in the food, just HFCS and other sweeteners.

  • Transfer Alert!

    For the new web-n-blog site, it would be fantastic if users could EDIT their posts, or at least add to that same post. This would be very helpful for any needed corrections. A time stamp of the Edit would then be useful.

    I see that this general comment section starts off with the OLDEST one, June 20, 2007, and the newest is waaay at the bottom, a reversal would be stupendous!

  • rjm

    Foods that contain carminic acid will have to explicitly include it on the label instead of it being captured by “natural flavors”. The only lame aspect of this is that it will not happen until 2011.

  • Dr. Nestle,

    I see how awful the school lunches are and am working to promote a change. The children of this country, our children, deserve better food. I believe a great way to do this is to have schools offer students a healthier option; a plant-based meal in every school of this country that 5% of the parents agree. This idea doesn’t exclude anyone, can be enjoyed by everyone, and is a much welcomed change to the current status of the school lunch program.
    This idea is up for vote at and I am hoping that you, too will see this as a great addition and a wake-up to those responsible for creating new possibilities in school cafeterias. If you agree with this, I request that you Vote for this issue:
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    page on the right side, it’s very EASY!

  • Daniel Ithaca, NY

    Coke Sued over Vitamin Water health claims