by Marion Nestle
Dec 30 2007

The Marilyn Manson Pyramid

While we are all debating the merits of grains, whole and not (my bottom line: they are too delicious to give up; like everything else, eat in moderation), how about this version of the USDA’s Pyramid, courtesy of Eminem? Happy new year!

Added comment: oops

  • Um… thank you, my head is now about to explode. =)

  • Grains, too delicious to give up? That’s the oddest thing I’ve heard you say, Dr. Nestle. I haven’t eaten a grain product in months, whole or otherwise, and I never miss them. In fact, I guarantee you that every other food in my diet – vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats, spices, herbs, high quality oils and fats – is much tastier than bland, mushy polenta or gluey steel-cut oats. In fact, nowadays I laugh at recipes that recommend serving a dish over lots of hot rice to “catch the tasty sauce.” The rice just dilutes the delicious sauce. Me, I use a spoon to catch the tasty sauce.

    Sadly, YouTube has taken the video down. But I hope you’re not suggesting that Eminem and Marilyn Manson are the same person! (That would be the second oddest thing I’ve heard you say!)

  • Oops. Shows you what I know. Hey–all those rockers look alike to this dinosaur.