by Marion Nestle
Jan 5 2008

Physical Activity is Increasing! (?)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says physical activity is increasing among U.S. adults. At least that’s what U.S. adults say they are doing. It’s almost as hard to get good information about activity as it is to get information about diet. The latest results could be true. They are consistent with some studies, but not others. If so, it’s good news but doesn’t this mean that weight gain must be due to overeating, not to too little activity (at least across the population)?

  • Sheila

    I don’t know who the CDC interviewed or surveyed for this project. But, I can tell you the
    U.S. adults in my rural medical practice are still sedentary. And they are still eating bags of junk food and drinking bottles of soft drink while they are sedentary. And their children are still modeling this behavior.

  • It could also mean that neither overeating nor, um, underacting is responsible for obesity. It could be that the macronutrient mix is the problem.