by Marion Nestle
Jan 5 2008

The best functional drink ever?

I am indebted to OrangeClouds115 who writes a diary for the Daily Kos (here’s an example) for telling me about Function drinks, this one called “House Call.” The Function website says: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away? The docs at Function think that’s slightly rude.” House Call keeps the doctor away? Um, maybe not. Orangeclouds115 reports: “You should see the ingredients. It’s sugar water. They sell 4 for $5.” As I say in What to Eat, functional foods are about marketing; they are not about health.  Alas.

  • Steve

    I regularly read your website and usually agree. But, I can’t even come close to agreeing with this. Do the research. As a nutritionist, these drinks are exactly what I have been wanting for years. How you can call them sugar water is beyond me. The effective ingredients are in the milligrams. They don’t seem to contain anything that isn’t expressly needed for the functionality of the drink.

    I would do some research on the ingredients and also check the price. Four to five dollars!? I can get them at Whole Foods, among other places, for $1.69.

  • Josh

    Steve: that is four *for* five dollars.

  • Alan

    Don’t dis my fav!!, Marion– dont’ be a hata! Function Rocks– House Call contains chlorella and makes me feel awesome. Urban Detox rocks with NAC and Prickly Pear….I live in my whole foods in Chicago for these..