by Marion Nestle
Jan 4 2008

FDA to OK cloned animals for food?

According to rumors, the FDA is about to approve the use of cloned animals for food. The rumors originate from the Wall Street Journal, which warns everyone to “get ready for a food fight over milk and meat from cloned animals and their offspring.” When it first approved cloned animals, the FDA asked producers of the cloned animals not to do this until consumers got used to the idea: “we are continuing to ask producers of clones and livestock breeders to voluntarily refrain from introducing food products from these animals into commerce so that we will have the opportunity to consider the public’s comments and to issue any final documents as warranted.” I guess they’ve done that and the time has come?

  • It doesn’t sound like the “public’s comments” were actually considered.

    Once again, something we don’t need and aren’t going to properly test, so that a few with too much money can make even more. The streak of greed continues unabated in the big game world of livestock.

  • Fentry

    Perhaps they’ll clone animals that can stand up and move around in their cages; one wonders what archetype of a creature they will actually clone…