by Marion Nestle
Jan 15 2008

FDA rules that cloned animals are safe to eat; USDA says whoa

As predicted, the FDA says cloned animals are just fine to eat and, therefore, do not need to be labeled in any special way. According to Food Chemical News, the FDA acknowledges that people have raised “moral, religious and ethical concerns,” but emphasizes that it performed “strictly a science-based evaluation” as it is required by law to do. Yes indeed. Whenever I hear “science-based,” I know that something political is going on, in this case avoidance of those pesky “moral, religious, and ethical concerns.” Maybe that’s why the USDA says slow down. Also according to Food Chemical News, USDA “has asked cloning firms to extend their voluntary moratorium on introducing meat and milk from clones into the marketplace to enable a smooth transition for such products.”. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Even if cloned animals are safe, they are not necessarily acceptable–and the USDA seems to understand this.

And just for fun, take a look at some of the comments on this decision.

  • Morgan

    This is really creapy. And they’ve not required producers to tell us what is behind the saran wrap? I cannot believe this… I guess we just have to hope that producers who do NOT clone will provide that information on their packaging… Thank you for the update

  • Fentry

    People don’t matter; “science” matters.

  • Maureen

    Soilent green is made out of…cloned meat?

  • Bix

    Does anyone know … Does this save a farmer money? I would think natural ways of reproduction would be as effective and maybe even less costly than going through a cloning process. Don’t many of those animals die shortly after birth anyway? But I don’t know … maybe it is cheaper.

  • Daniel, Ithaca NY

    This really is scary. If companies want to sell this stuff, it should be clearly labeled as such.

    I know my organic (non-GMO) plant based foods are safe!