by Marion Nestle
Sep 1 2008

Plastics are OK says ADA

The American Dietetic Association says plastic water bottles are OK to use and there is no need to worry about them.  Aren’t you relieved?  No conflicts of interest are noted in this report, but I hear rumors, as yet unconfirmed.

  • drea

    as a dietitian and ADA member (my job requires membership), i still counsel my clients to avoid #7 plastics & to try to avoid canned foods (or choose Eden’s BPA-free cans if they can afford it).

    do let us know if the rumors are confirmed — i’m sure there’s some conflict of interest in the report…

  • I’m a dietitian, too, and I don’t believe what ADA says as they tend to sleep with the partners that help them promote their agenda. Count me out on this one.

    But you know, we aren’t that much different than doctors and nutrition researchers who tend to be funded by the pharmaceutical companies. I don’t condone it and pray that we dietitians can find our way out.