by Marion Nestle
Oct 8 2008

Be active!

The Department of Health and Human Services has just issued new guidelines for physical activity.  They come with a guide for adults, a toolkit for community organizers, and research information for professionals.  The approach is easy: some activity is better than none; more is better than less.  Seems like good advice (but if you are worried about weight, you still have to eat less).

  • sid

    Oct 8 is my birthday and we walked, yes, walked the mile to a distant resto in Montreal (we have too many choices but this was my choice) and ate a healthy vegetarian meal, except even the love of my wife for me couldn’t get her to eat the tofu part of her thai flavoured meal. On the other hand, she did say she had enough calories that day and enough was enough It made a delicious lunch for me at work. And then we strolled home. 49 down, 51 left to go! thanks Ms Nestle for your excellent service to the public good.