by Marion Nestle
Oct 16 2008

Bottled water backlash hits Pepsi

Andrew Martin begins his account of the latest Pepsi quarterly report like this: “Tap water is making a comeback.  That’s bad news for PepsiCo’s profits.”  Sales are down 10%.  Why?  People aren’t buying as much soda or bottled water.  Score one for the environmental movement.

The Environmental Working Group says the plastic bottles are bad for the environment but that’s not all.  Its latest report tests the waters and finds plenty of fertilizer and drug residues in them. Oh great.

  • I don’t know what’s in my tap water either…but at least I’m not paying $1.50 every time I’m thirsty. Does anyone have recommendations for filters or water testing kits? If that even exists for home use.

  • I stopped buying water because I can’t afford it. I tell myself it is good for the environment, and my new Camelbak bottle helps me not smell the chlorine so much. Woohoo?