by Marion Nestle
Oct 15 2008

The irony of too little and too much food

Surely, this collection of items is nothing if not ironic.  The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has issued its 2008 Global Hunger Index, which maps 33 countries with alarmingly high rates of hunger.  And then we have Taco Bell’s new Big Bell Box; it racks up 1670 calories with the drink and more than 3 grams of sodium (about 7 grams of salt).  We also have the Heart Attack Grill, which I guess is not really a joke.

I thank Andy Bellatti and Hugh Joseph for pointing these out (I think).

  • I had not heard about this Heart Attack Grill but through your post I just checked out their site and all the media coverage. It’s really quite…notable.

  • Corey

    The heart attack grill? I just checked out the website. Really? REALLY? There are people…I…don’t….doesn’t. Then again, I actually prefer the H-A Grill to some other companies and fast food restaurants. At least it isn’t even trying to pass itself off as healthy. The customer knows what they’re getting. Unlike other food-stuff providers that deliver things that might kill you, but nonetheless are working hard to make sure that you think you’ll die without them.

  • Sheila

    Oy gevalt. My stomach aches just looking at the picture of the Big Bell Box. I think we could feed a whole neighborhood from one of those boxes. Do you think Taco Bell would cut the U.N. a good deal on some of those for hunger relief supplies?