by Marion Nestle
Nov 21 2008

Food safety: China to send inspectors to U.S.?

In the wake of the melamine scandals, the FDA sent 8 inspectors to open offices in three Chinese cities.  According to Food Chemical News (FCN), China announced that it would be sending inspectors to the U.S.  FCN speculates that this may mean that tensions between the two countries are mounting, particularly because FDA officials “never mentioned the new Chinese inspectors in scores of press releases publicizing the opening of the upcoming China offices.”

  • Sheila

    China is sending inspectors to US for what purpose? To inspect products we manufacture or to inspect products China has made and shipped to this country ?

  • After seeing how much crap we dump inside other countries (like our canned foods with expired ‘expiration dates’ get sent to Europe) I can well understand why China is concerned.