by Marion Nestle
Mar 4 2009

Food, Inc.: The Movie

I talked my way into a press screening of Food, Inc. last night.  Good thing.  This film is the riveting documentary directed by Robert Kenner due for release soon but already generating lots of buzz, and for good reason.  It’s a terrific introduction to the way our food system works and to the effects of this system on the health of anyone who eats as well as of farm workers, farm animals, and the planet.  It stars Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, among others, but I was especially moved by Barbara Kowalcyk, the eloquent and forceful food safety advocate who lost a young son to E. coli O17:H7 some years ago.  I can’t wait for the film to come out so everyone can see it.  I will use it in classes, not least because it’s such an inspiring call to action.  Here’s the trailer.

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  • I’m grateful for movies like this because they help educate the general public with an arguably greater reach than books or articles. My husband watched King Corn and now has a grasp on some things he never wanted to hear me talk about before!

  • I was lucky enough to see a few clips several months ago. Or, I should say, HEAR a few clips because watching movies gives me a migraine. But my friend who went with me (who actually saw the clips) to hear Pollan, Schlosser, and director Robert Kenner speak about the film gave up ground beef after seeing it.

  • Looking forward to seeing this. I have been hearing buzz about this film and happy to see that it’s not only a good perspective on the food system, but also has the potential to move emotions.

  • Christen

    This looks like it will be a very eye opening film- I recently watched King Corn which is also a documentary that exposes corn and the farming industry of corn. I hope films like these encourage Americans to look deeper into the food they consume.

  • Yes, a fine film.

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