by Marion Nestle
Sep 18 2009

USDA says: Eat Local! HHS says: Prevent!

Really, we have to rethink USDA.  It has just awarded $4.8 million grants to community groups to promote local agriculture as part of a $65 millioncampaign to Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.  Local food!

And HHS, not to be outdone, is awarding $650 million in grants for community initiatives to improve diets and get people more active.  Prevention!

OK, these are tiny fractions of the Departments’ budgets but I read them as symbolic steps in a new and terrific direction.  More of the same, please.

  • Agree- this is progress! We’re making headway. Thanks for the GOOD news, and your good work. Leadership matters.

    Jo Cooper
    Director of Nutrition Programs
    The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

  • A step in the right direction, much more of the same please!

  • And now the White House farmer’s market is open Thursdays! Who would have guessed we would have something this great?!

  • Pretty amazing. But I’m skeptical. Who’s getting greased from this deal? Sorry to be negative. Just hard to believe.