by Marion Nestle
Sep 21 2013

Mexico suffers from a sugar deficiency?

Mexico has an overweight-plus-obesity rate of 70%, and 15% of the population has type-2 diabetes. You might think that a key public health message might be “eat less sugar.”

But check this ad on a city bus:



  • Cane sugar
  • It’s natural
  • A little happiness each day
  • Only 15 calories per tablespoon 

In other (implied) words, “eat more sugar! It’s good for you!”

  • Samantha

    Somebody in that advertising company is in trouble! It’s 15 calories a teaspoon, not tablespoon!

  • Casey

    Looks like this needs to be translated into Spanish:

  • Julio Yohe

    Haha! 😀 That’s twisted! Anyway, the Mexican government must treat this problem seriously. A country having a high rate of obesity problems obviously lacks government intervention on health related issues. Anyway, I wish this will be resolved asap.


  • yarko nechyba

    I don´t think the comobo sugar/soda is to blame. Most sodas now use HFCS instead of sugar. Sodas, along with bimbo, marinela and sabritas products are the ones to blame. Those products are available in areas where not even government aid reaches. Look up how many maruchans ( pre cooked ramen soups ) are sold daily in mexico. They are cheap, taste “better” than plain old tortillas. And you can buy them almost in every corner. This campaign was more targeted at defending the mexican sugar industry which is under a lot of preassure from HFCS

  • Ana Maria Quispe Piscoya

    well math is incorrect, a teaspoon (cucharadita) has about 4 grams of sugar which would mean 16 calories. A tablespoon (cucharada) equals 3 teaspoons, wich would mean a tablespoon o sugar provide about 58 calories
    And is also true that this ad is defending sugar cane which is still a sugar and loosing the battle against HFCS “imported” from the US…