by Marion Nestle
May 24 2017

What does the administration’s FY2018 budget mean for food politics?

In two words: nothing good.

For starters, it begins with an Orwellian title: A New Foundation for American Greatness–President’s Budget FY 2018

It continues with Orwellian explanations: “Major Savings and Reforms,” and “America First–A budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again.”


  • It cuts spending for the safety net for the poor and for farmers.
  • It increases spending for the military and the wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
  • It uses voodoo economics to pay for matters like food safety (a little more money but also more responsibilities)

Ordinarily, I would do a deep dive into this but why bother?  The New York Times says the budget is wishful thinking; it hasn’t got a chance of passing.

But see for yourself.  The best place to begin is with the Associated Press’s adorable interactive charts.  Type in your favorite agency, hover over the bubbles, and check out the historical sets that follow.  Might as well have some fun with this (thanks AP).