by Marion Nestle
Jul 2 2019

Coalitions, updated

In April, I posted a collection of coalitions of organizations working on issues in agriculture, food, and nutrition.  Since then, several coalition groups have asked to be included on the list.

Here is the updated coalition list.  These are organized alphabetically in two sections: United States and International.

Why did I put this list together?  In unity there is strength.

Contact each together, combine resources, work jointly on issues of common interest.  I can’t think of a better way to gain political power to achieve advocacy goals.



Midwest Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Country: USA

Mission: We will advocate for independent family farmers and businesses; promote environmental protection and restoration; encourage the humane treatment of animals; develop an equitable and just food system; and celebrate the consumption of local, sustainably raised foods.

Contact: Sherri Dugger, 317-371-2970,


Women, Food and Agriculture Network

Country: USA

Mission: To engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power.

Contact: Sherri Dugger, 317-371-2970,