by Marion Nestle
Apr 28 2021

Dear subscribers: more explanation about Follow.It

If you have been subscribing to my Food Politics blog, you probably received this message from Follow.It about having to reconfirm your subscription.   Once again, despite its strange wording, it is legitimate.

You receive this email because publisher of feed Food Politics imported you to this list, claiming you were already subscribed to this content in other ways previously. Please confirm that this is correct and you want to receive this content by clicking here, or decline if you don’t want to receive it.

Follow.It has replaced Feedburner for blog subscriptions.  To avoid spam, it requires confirmation—twice.

If you want to continue subscribing—and I hope you will—you have two ways to do this.

  • Click on Confirm.  Then you get an email asking you to reply.  Please do.  That is all you have to do, even though you get taken to a site with ads.  You can ignore all that.  You are done.
  • Go to  Click on Subscribe.  Follow the same procedure.

I had no idea this would be such a mess, and I’m truly sorry.  Thanks so much for hanging in.

More to come!