by Marion Nestle
May 17 2023

American Heart Association weighs in on healthy diet plans

A committee of the American Heart Association has just published a position paper looking at how well popular weight-loss and other diets meet AHA standards.  The standards are worth a look.

When ranked against these standards, the diets come out in this order:

  • Tier 1: Mediterranean, DASH, Pescetarian, Ovo/Lacto Vegetarian
  • Tier 2: Vegan, Low-fat
  • Tier 3: Very Low-Fat and Low-Carbohydrate
  • Tier 4: Paleo and Keto

Proponents of full-fat diets will object that Paleo and Keto diets can be healthy, as well they may be depending on how much and what else their followers are eating.

Nearly any diet can be healthy if it does not include excess calories or too much junk food, but includes plants and is based on a wide variety of foods.

And they can all be delicious, and have no excuse not to be.