by Marion Nestle
Dec 2 2008

Latest melamine counts from China: yikes!

The New York Times says the Chinese Ministry of Health has issued a new count of Chinese infants ill from melamine-contaminated formula.  Would you believe 294,000?  The count includes 6 deaths, along with 861 still hospitalized with kidney problems.

One result: Chinese milk exports have dropped by 92%.


  • Foodaroo
  • December 3, 2008
  • 12:14 am

It’s hard to imagine that this problem still exists.

France just discovered melamine in its organic soy meal for chickens.

It will only be a matter of time when consumers in the US will learn first hand that their ice cream, yogurt, soy milk, etc. may contain milk powder from China. Right now, I think the US is keeping this low key, allowing time for the big manufacturers to find new sources for their milk powder.

It is only a matter of time before the full scale of this fraud comes out. I think farmed fish will be the next revelation. Several months ago, Chinese melamine manufacturers revealed that makers of foodmeal for farmed fish were on their customer lists.

We’ll have to wait and see.

Rick Tannenbaum

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