Sep 26 2013

CDC’s thoroughly convincing report on the threat of antibiotic resistance

The CDC has produced a major study on antibiotic resistance and how it works. 

The report provides convincing evidence that use of antibiotics in farm animals must be restricted to therapeutic purposes—and not used to promote growth.

  • Temple of Thai

    How lame that we even have to conduct this study.

  • Ankita Tiwari

    Thanks for this introduction. Really its very informative post

  • JW Ogden

    It is nice for me to be able to agree with you for once.

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  • Ginger

    Do we need to be contacting our legislators or do you think the CDC will take action?

  • Michael Bulger

    Hi, GInger. If this is an issue that concerns you, I’d suggest looking into the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA). It’s been introduced into Congress multiple times, but the bill never seems to make it to a vote. Observers, even a Congressperson, have lamented that drug company lobbying is the main reason legislation to reign in livestock antibiotics never seems to get traction.

    I would absolutely recommend letting your legislators know that this issue is important. The CDC doesn’t have the authority to regulate livestock drugs. It is up to the FDA, but they have a hard time pursuing any meaningful regulations without a strong mandate from Congress. If enough lawmakers took interest in this important issue, perhaps they would finally direct FDA to take a firmer stance and restrict antibiotic abuse in livestock agriculture.

    Here are two links on PAMTA:

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