by Marion Nestle
Sep 19 2007

Kellogg Unveils New Self-Promotion Campaign

Flying around the Internet is a press release from Kellogg announcing its new method for promoting the nutritional benefits of its products. Like PepsiCo’s Smart Spot and Kraft’s Sensible Solutions, Kellogg products will now have icons–based on the company’s own nutritional criteria, of course–indicating which products are “better for you.” Even better, you can participate in the launch of the new program. Register online for a panel discussion explaining how it all works. When Congress forced the FDA to permit health claims on food packages in 1990, it opened a Pandora’s box. I think we’d all be better off if companies weren’t allowed to do this. Surely, all the different methods of self-evaluation must be confusing, no?

  • Elisabeth Sterken

    Check out the industry efforts at the Codex Alimentarius meetings on the definition of fibre. The food and drinks industries are trying to have all sorts of synthetic products included under the definition of fibre so they can make nutrition and health claims when these additives are put into their products. All to increase market share with little regard for the truth.

  • I seriously doubt that any of these companies are going to label some of their food as “worse for you.” It makes me laugh to think of Kellogg labeling Total “Super Great!” and then Count Chocula as “Will probably end up giving you diabetes and killing you through obesity-related heart disease.”