by Marion Nestle
Jan 14 2008

Low-calorie restaurant meals: really?

I’m just getting caught up with the Wall Street Journal’s report on calories in “low-calorie” meals served in chain restaurants. It’s worth a look. The reporter sent meals to a laboratory to test for calories. The good news: most calorie contents were as advertised. The not so good news: the calories are as advertised if–and only if–you don’t eat side dishes or additions like bread, cheese, or salad dressing. If you do, the calories go way up. And calories count. Alas.

  • rj

    Low calorie, sure. But what about sodium content?

  • And most order those sides, etc., as they feel “they’ve been good”. And then they’ll have a few candy bars on the way home, as their meal was unsatisfying. How can this be?! (extreme saracasm intended)

  • Thought this may be of interest to you:
    Calories provided by restaurants can be deceiving

  • Jen

    There is a good site that lists over 400 meals that are low calorie, 500 calories or less. if your interested.