by Marion Nestle
Apr 15 2008

Want to work on the new Dietary Guidelines?

The USDA and Department of Health and Human Services are requesting nominations for the committee that will prepare the version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to be published in 2010. points out that the committee’s first task is to decide whether the current guidelines need revision. That, of course, is a joke. What’s the point of appointing a committee if it doesn’t do anything. And in this case, the Dietary Guidelines badly need revision. What started out as a simple pamphlet with advice about healthy eating is now a 70-page textbook. The new committee will have some serious pruning to do. How to nominate someone to the committee? Both links explain.

  • I know that from my perspective, I rely on experts to help me answer this kind of question. In this case, you’re my expert. So whom do you think we should nominate to the committee? I’ll gladly petition the USDA and HHS to nominate those people, if I research them and they look like good candidates.

  • Melanie Shefchik

    I think you would be great on this committee!! But of course, it sounds like a tremendous amount of work. I wouldn’t want this to interfere with your books, blogs, etc. Then who would I follow?? You keep me up to date and interested in this field.

  • Travis White-Schwoch

    This article concerning biofuels and food prices may be of interest:

    Thanks for a great blog!

  • How about Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat for Health. He is highly respected among MD’s who all too often end up giving poor diet advice. His record speaks for itself. It’s time we have someone who isn’t intimidated by corporate interests. Really appreciate your blog!

  • Daniel Ithaca,NY

    This is super that the USDA is requesting nominations!

    I second the nom. for Joel Fuhrman, MD his bio:

    also: Neil Barnard, MD, Clinical Researcher for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine his bio:

    what about T. Colin Campbell, Nutrition Biochemist & author of The China Study, the “…best selling, ground-breaking book, embraced by thousands who want to improve their health and their lives.”
    his bio: