by Marion Nestle
Jun 16 2008

Indian Medical Association endorses Pepsi?

Rumors are that the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has formally endorsed Pepsi’s Tropicana fruit juices and Quaker cereals as part of a “partnership for health.” Can Indian consumers distinguish one Pepsi product from another. As I mentioned last year (see posts under “India”), I saw Pepsi products everywhere I went in India, even in the most remote villages, and these were not fruit juices or cereals; they were chips. The IMA denies that it is doing this for money. Maybe so, but rumors suggest otherwise and it is difficult to imagine why else the group would do such a thing. Perhaps it is just a matter of solidarity with Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s India-born CEO.

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  • a1000

    It’s not a rumour, it’s a fact. It pains me very much. IMA has many other things to do,but it chose to do this!! I would be very happy if IMA had said “Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily is good for people’s health.”

  • S. Gopal

    Shame to Indian Medical Association. The office bearers must be taken to court and awarded heavy punishment including a stint in the jail…