by Marion Nestle
Dec 8 2008

Revolving door: USDA –> NRA

I love keeping track of the revolving door between government food agencies and the food industry.  Thanks to Food Chemical News for this latest example: Beth Johnson, interim undersecretary for food safety at USDA, resigned today to take a position as executive vice president of public affairs at the National Restaurant Association.

Let’s wish her well on the new job and hope she helps restaurant owners stay out of food safety troubles.

  • Daniel Ithaca,NY

    It’s nice to have this information public. Hopefully Ms. Johnson will not have a round-trip ticket back to the USDA anytime soon, considering her newest concern for the restaurant industry.

  • It is even more sinister than that.

    Before Ms. Johnson joined the USDA, she was Associate Director for Food Policy for the National Cattlemen’s Association. before that, she held a job at Fleishman-Hillard, Inc., an international PR firm, where she was a vice president with clients in the food and agribusiness practice group.

    I’m sure she will quite at home with the restaurant lobby.

    Rick Tannenbaum