by Marion Nestle
Apr 23 2011

Note to readers about comments

As should be obvious to anyone who has followed this blog for any time, I do not censor comments.  I welcome comments from readers who hold diverse opinions.

In the four years I have been blogging, I have deliberately deleted less than a dozen comments—the two or three that were pornographic or used inappropriate language, and a handful of duplicates.

I mention this because I received complaints this week that I was not allowing critical comments to be posted.  Not so.

I’m guessing they got caught in the spam filter.

This site gets more than 200 spam posts a day, most of them of astonishing length in gibberish or Cyrillic.  I cannot possibly go through all that to sift out the legitimate posts.  I clear spam without looking at it.

I have not been able to figure out the screening criteria for spam but I’m guessing the filter is suspicious of long posts with links.

If your comment does not get posted, try shortening it (always a good idea anyway) and sending it without links.

And thanks for reading.   I do read all of the comments and wish I could respond to them.  Keep the comments coming!

My apologies to any of you whose comments disappeared. Please try again.



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  • I’m having trouble typing as I can’t stop chuckling about your self-serving comment. “…I’m guessing the filter is suspicious of long posts with links.” That, of course, means that thoughtful well documented comments will be filtered and you just accept that they are “spam.”

    As the critical commenter singled out by you in your 8-4-10 blog, “We need S 510 to pass despite tea bagging” (, early the next morning I posted a response defending myself that never got published. Later comments I made in response other comments did get posted.

    Now that the FSMA has been passed, maybe my earlier comment no longer poses a threat.

    Here it is:

    “‘Snippy?’ ‘Tea bagging?’ LOL

    My friends are going to really love to read who you believe me to be, Dr. Nestle.

    Some will find it ironic considering the fact that, on June 7th, The Perishable Pundit, Jim Prevor, thanked me for defending him on YOUR blog in his 6-7-10 column ‘Marion Nestle, The Perishable Pundit And A Lawyer Named Stearns; We Need Civil Discourse To Advance Effective Public Policy’ (

    For those who didn’t go back and read Dr. Nestle’s earlier blog and my comment (It’s the last one.), here’s the part of my comment that is the ‘…’ in what Dr. Nestle quoted above:

    ‘Over 155 grassroots organizations are [o]n record calling for the essence of the Tester-Hagan amendments which you oppose.’

    The part snipped off by Dr. Nestle at the end is as follows:

    ‘As written, S 510/HR 2749 will set back food safety in America for a generation. I will happily provide accurate information to anyone requesting it from me at I am a grower, distributor and retailer of local, healthy food in Black Mountain, NC. Google my name and you will be able to learn that I am who I say I am.’

    I find it so very interesting that NONE of the advocates of the S 510/HR 2749 industrial-size-only style of legislation are willing to meet in open debate with those of us who actually grow, pack, process and/or distribute local, healthy food to discuss/debate the actual provisions of S 510. Instead, they write about how misguided we are while refusing to address any of the points we raise. If they would speak accurately about the legislation, then we wouldn’t have to expend so much energy toning down our anger.

    BTW, at the request of Bill Marler, I’m working on an op-ed for his e-newspaper, ‘Food Safety News’ amplifying part of my earlier comment that Dr. Nestle snipped–‘As written, S 510/HR 2749 will set back food safety in America for a generation.’

    And, for the record, I stumbled across this blog. Dr. Nestle didn’t give me the courtesy of informing me that she had written about me despite having 2 e-mail addresses for me.”

    Dr. Nestle, through out the debate on HR 2749, S 510 and the ultimately passed FSMA, you and other supporters of them regularly dissembled. Y’all were worse than Jim Carrey in the movie, “Liar, Liar.” If I had a food safety magic wand, I would decree that all of us commenting on food safety were forced, like Carrey’s son wanted him to be, to tell the truth. What an astonishing difference it would make.