by Marion Nestle
Sep 2 2011

Sneak preview: the (forthcoming) calorie book has a cover!

Here’s what it’s likely to look like, courtesy of the designer, Lia Tjandra, and University of California Press.



Publication is still  a long way off—it’s scheduled for March 2012.  I will post occasional progress reports.  Stay tuned! 

  • Anthro

    Can’t wait for this book!
    By the way, You’re a star!

    I just watched my new copy of Truck Farm with your special guest
    appearance. You looked great! Love your blueberries too.

    What I liked most was the effort to get people thinking about growing food in the city. People tell me all the time that I should move to the country, but I think it’s much more important to be as self-sufficient as possible in the city. If more city people grew their own food, the giant mono crop farms would have less reason to exist and more food would be local. If everyone who wants to grow personal food moved to the country–well, there would be no countryside left!

    My new chickens arrive next week and I’m thinking of putting the coop on a truck bed and driving them around as a demonstration–Truck Coop or Egg Truck!

    Thanks for telling everyone about this wonderful film on your blog so we can all enjoy it. I’m going to pass it around to everyone I can think of and maybe donate it to the library.

  • Nice, clean look to your cover, Marion. Love your other books and looking forward to this one.

  • Very excited about your new book!! The cover looks fantastic!

  • Randall

    Is this one a kid’s book? My 6 year old neice recently used my computer and color printer to mock up a colorful report cover that looks very much like yours. Coincidentally the report was on magic zebras. My neice will be teaching at NYU within the next 15 years, no doubt.

  • Cathy Richards

    Love your brain and your books Marion, but not a fan of this cover. It is catchy, but I think it belittles the subject and the depth of knowledge and thought you put into it.

    I’ll buy it anyway though!

    I’d rather see a local fruit/veg market beside a huge corporate building (Wallmart-esque), with inserts of the White House and corporate board table, and something indicating rising obesity rates with increased nutrient deficiencies. Have no idea how to represent all that though…. 🙂

  • Looking forward to this book!

    I like the cover, although I get the points that Cathy makes above. I love the bright colors. Often, this topic has too serious of a tone making it difficult to get people’s attention. Good eating can be bright and cheerful.

  • Anthro

    Cathy and Joy both make good points, but I’m leaning a little to Cathy’s view. I’d like to see a tad more seriousness of the subject matter on the cover. I can’t tell what the letters are supposed to represent? Jello?

    I am happy to see Mr. Nesheim joining you again; I think that worked very well for “Feed Your Pet Right”.

    I am now wondering how this process works. How much input do the authors get?

    In the end, if you like it Marion, that’s what counts (get it?)

  • Paul Charles Leddy


  • Am currently reading your “What to Eat” book (after finally finding it second-hand since it was out of print and out of all the stores that I looked at) – and am enjoying it very much. I hope to do a blog post about it after I’m finished the read. Looking forward to your new book – great writing! Thank you!

  • So looking forward to this coming out. Is March 2012 still the scheduled date?

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