by Marion Nestle
Oct 6 2011

More–a lot more–on food marketing to kids

Video: Today, the Oakland-based Prevention Institute released it’s new 2- minute, everything-you-need-to- know video: We’re Not Buying It: Stop Junk Food Marketing to Kids.  Use it!

Commentary: David Britt and Lori Dorfman have a terrific editorial in The Hill today on why everyone needs to support the government’s proposed voluntary nutrition standards for food marketing to kids.

Newsletter: And I’ve only just discovered the UK-based International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO)’s weekly news briefing on articles and events in  food marketing to children.

Here is just a sample from last week and this week.  I’ve mentioned some of these in previous posts but it’s great to have them collected in one place:

UK: BBC radio programme on marketing junk food to kids

US: consumer laws can be invoked to protect children from junk food marketing

US: Toys turn healthy foods into ‘happy meals’  for more  click here

India: Ban ki-moon calls upon kids’ processed food makers to act with integrity

US: Packaging gets US high schoolers to pick carrots over cookies

UK: Government rejects calls for ban on junk-food advertising

UK: Alcohol giant set to ‘target children’ through Facebook

Fight about the role of soft drinks at the ADA

Australia: Hungry Jacks to put broccoli on fast food menu

Coca-Cola to invest $3bn in Russia, 2012-2015

Australia: food federation accuses consumer group of promoting unhealthy foods – and uses traffic light criteria to back their argument

US ‘spends $ billions subsidising junk food products’  to view full report Click here

Scientists support the administration’s Inter-Agency Working Group on food marketed to children Click here to view

Some 75 health and marketing experts from the nation’s universities call on President Obama not to abandon the Federal Trade Commission-led nutrition guidelines that would recommend strict limits for marketing foods to children. Click here to view details


  • Jan

    Stop being lulled and distracted by junk food marketing and realize that there are strangers posing as friends on the street and television that want to get into your life to undermine your parenting and manipulate and exploit your child for profit. Protect your family! Tell others and protect your community!

  • Joe

    Why not try to compete with these food marketing ploys rather than rail against them. Rather than spending time and effort to convince government to further regulate companies why not fight fire with fire.

    Go out and mount a healthy eating advertising campaign. If advertising is as powerful as you presume it to be then advertise healthy foods! That way you message can either sink or swim in the marketplace leaving the stong arm of government at bay.

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  • Anthro

    It looks as if the trolls are back–what a shame. “Rabid authoritarians”? Please……..try to do some research on what public health is really about.

    As to advertising healthy foods–who is going to pay for these ads? There is little profit in marketing apples or kale.

    What on earth is “public freedoms” anyway? Not a single thing has ever been proposed by a public health person or entity that stope you doing as you damned well please.

  • Jonesy

    You got it Anthro

    A con man was heard saying that the tyrannical government was not giving him a fair shot at taking advantage of potential victims.

    A lobbyist whispered to a legislator, never mind the ethics or the human suffering, advertising junk food to children is a “jobs program”.

    Two marketers contemplate the coming windfall if junk food sellers and public health advocates try to out advertise each other.

    A food nutrition teacher watches haplessly at all the junk food offered to her students on the tv, in the street and in the school.

    A mother cries when her teenage child is diagnosed with tipe II diabetes.

  • Irving

    Does not work? Food companies just throwing millions away on advertising junk foods? ” “Zealots”, The Truth”, “Haters” “Confused”. Beyond risible .. desperate.

  • Joe

    If the public health message is so vital why not find likeminded individuals with money to back it. Rather than petition the government to change the playing field get on the field and play with the pros.

    The thesis of the post is that advertising influences the deciisions of children. If you really believe that advertising is that powerful then put your money where your mouth is.